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When searching for my first home, I wanted something historic. I wanted a small home, something manageable with character. Ideally in a historic neighborhood. And just like that, I found my charming little row house on the North Side.

My home is located in the historic area of Allegheny West, on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Allegheny West is technically the smallest neighborhood in Pittsburgh and is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The history of Allegheny West is incredibly fascinating. Don’t worry I won’t go full history geek on you. One last thing, many of my ancestors resided in this part of Pittsburgh… how neat is that?! Small world.

My home was built in 1874. Designed in the Italianate style. It is a modest building compared to some in my neighborhood. Historically, my home probably never looked like the example photo here, but I want to infuse a little more of historic character and charm. I want to add ceiling moulding, refinish the floors throughout, new doors, possibly arched doorways. I want to elevate my “working-class” row home.

Example of an Italianate Interior

Although my home is in great condition, many of the original architectural elements no longer exist. There are a few features that remain (tall ceilings, large, tall windows, hardwood floors, original facade details – and my clawfoot tub) that won me over. As you can imagine, being a designer, I have an idea for each space. And honestly, I actually view my home as a blank canvas. Aside from paint colors and light fixtures, my home was move in ready. And I plan on doing the renovations one room at a time.

One being this front room (shown above). This room is my happy place. Sometimes I walk into this room and just take a deep sigh, and am overwhelmed how lucky I am to call this place home. One of the remaining elements in this room is the fireplace still has it’s original gas heat insert. It’s absolutely beautiful. I have a few things I need to do to finish this room to my liking. One being, paint the walls and trim. Then, refinish the cast-iron detailing around the fireplace, add ceiling moulding, and refinish the parquet floors (oh and get an area rug)! I hope to get this all finished this year.

Once I finish each room I will post a before and after post! I cannot wait to share my renovation journey.

I’m so happy I finally have a platform to do so! Stay tuned.

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