Hello, I’m Hayley!

I’m an Interior Designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. While I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, I spent 10 years living in Seattle, WA, where I studied Interior Architecture/Design.

My design philosophy is simple. I believe that truly well-designed spaces can bring not only functionality but create joy in your life. I have discovered that I thrive when working closely with my clients to curate a better, more beautiful living environment. I provide my clients with a purely authentic, true-to-them design that only our close partnership can create. I value communication. I strive for an intentional, meaningful, timeless design. I pride myself on providing my clients with truly transformative designs. Good design is attainable, it just takes a good designer to make that happen!

Personally, I like to describe my style as Natural Minimalist – combining natural elements with clean minimalist lines. A little wabi-sabi, lived-in, perfectly-imperfect. I love mixing old with new, historic architecture, things with a story. In fact, I believe a space should tell a story. And that nature provides the best color schemes. I am passionate about history, art history, and the power of white paint.

Thanks for stopping by!