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by Hayley Watters

Interior Designer - Pittsburgh, PA



Hayley Watters | Principal Designer -  Born and raised in Pittsburgh. However, I spent ten years living in Seattle, WA, where I studied Interior Architecture/Design. I like to describe my personal style as Eclectic - collected, modern meets historic. A little wabi-sabi, lived-in, perfectly imperfect. I love mixing old with new, historic architecture, and things with a story. Interior Design is visual storytelling; I believe a space should tell a story.

My design philosophy is simple. I am passionate about the accessibility of design. I believe that everyone should have a home that is well-designed and beautiful. Design is where functionality and aesthetics collide. It is not one over the other; it's a meeting of the two. Your home should spark joy and function for your lifestyle.

I have discovered that I thrive when working closely with my clients to curate a better, more beautiful living environment. I provide my clients with a purely authentic, true-to-them design that only our close partnership can create. I value communication. I strive for intentional, meaningful designs.

Let's Work Together!

Design Services


Full-Service Design

Full-service interior design, best for remodel projects or commercial projects, involves us managing your entire project, from initial concept to installation to magazine-worthy finishing touches. The biggest benefits of full-service design are: the final result and the time/energy you save getting there. ---Fee Determined After Consultation


Interior Design Package -- By Room

We offer full-room or mini-room design packages. Depending on the scale or need of the project. So whether you need help with pulling a room together or a full design, we've got you covered. Mini Project: $500 - Full Project: $1,000


Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Fee Determined After Consultation


Home Staging/Styling

Whether you need help preparing your home for sale or just need help pulling your home together. We offer a two-hour styling service working with what you already have while making suggestions for things along the way. $250 for two hours. $100 per hour for any additional hours.


Color Consultation

By using color psychology (how certain hues affect human behavior) and color theory (how specific colors mix and the visual effects of those mixtures), and the design elements of your existing space, we can find the right color for your design project. $300 per room, $500 for exterior palettes


Distance Design | eDesign

Don't live in Pittsburgh and want to work together!?(Shhh.. we do travel too!) eDesign, remote, or virtual design, is performed completely online. Only applies to Mini and Full Projects.


Other Miscellaneous Services

Design Consulting, Lighting Design, Custom Millwork Design, Custom Window Treatments, Project Management, Historic Restoration Consultation, Preconstruction Services – Helping clients communicate interior elements needed by architects and contractors prior to and during the construction process. ADA Services – provide design services for clients with special needs.


By the Hour

Want to discuss your design dilemmas without signing up for a package? We'll advise you on anything and everything we discuss. Schedule a meeting either in person, or virtually. $100 per hour.