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This isn’t a before and after. It’s a before and “for now”. Heck, it’s not even done! Finding matching trim to the existing has been a challenge, to say the least. In fact, if you look closely, the trim isn’t even done. I’ve decided to just roll with it, once I find the matching trim I can patch where the old vanity used to sit along the wall.

This powder room will eventually be part of a large-scale renovation that I plan on doing in the next two years or so. I am planning on having my kitchen completely gutted, and expanded. Don’t worry, professionals (engineers and architects) will be involved in this process. This powder room shares a wall with the kitchen. Eventually, I would like to expand it as well, adding a shower – making it a full bath. So you see, this isn’t a long-term renovation this was just a “for now”. That being said I wanted to spend the least amount of money possible.

Doing any sort of home improvement project during the pandemic has been a challenge. Even outside of my own home projects, my clients are having difficulties too. It seems everyone is updating their homes during this time and building materials, furniture, etc are all difficult to find in stock without a terribly long lead time. This leads me to the floor I chose, it wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to do a 12″x 12″ black and white check – couldn’t find it anywhere in stock, and if I did it was an outrageous price. No thanks. Okay, the second-best choice it was.

Before (Listing Photo):

For Now (no wide-angle, sry):

The problem with the previous powder room was the vanity. It was very short. I mean I felt like I was bending over to wash my hands. It was barely 32″ high. Now, I’m not tall, I’m 5’6”, but Jason who is 6′ really had a hard time with it. Our other bathroom has the same problem – that’s next on the agenda. The previous vanity was also mounted to the right wall and was off-center. That’s what drove me crazy. There is this beautiful (original to the house) stained glass window, centered on the wall, and then a tiny vanity mounted to the right – off-center. I am all for asymmetry but this was just not it. It was distracting. Everything else was just dated, easy to update. Jason hated the wall color. Even before we added the powder room to the list he joked about at least painting the walls because he disliked the color so much. And that’s saying something, Jason is very relaxed about almost everything in life, and if this bothered him … well, that’s saying something.

The main idea for this space was timeless and that the stained glass window, with its gold glass detail, needed to shine. I have an antique mirror of my grandmother’s that really influenced the brass theme. But also, every room in my home has a touch of brass.

We were at Lowes one day getting more paint and while they were mixing it for us, I wandered around and saw this vanity with a sale price and knew immediately it was the one. You see, I’ve been looking at bathroom vanities since I bought my house so I knew the measurements and specifications I needed and this little cutie met all of them. I spray-painted the hardware on the vanity (to save money) to match the faucet. And then I did the same with the towel ring and TP holder. Easy peasy.

We’re so happy with how it turned out.


What we did:

Paint: SW 7008 Alabaster
Flooring: Linked Below
Vanity, Faucet & Towel Ring: Linked Below


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