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June 20, 2018

One of the things I get asked about THE most is my hair. What I do to it, what is my color natural, how do I style it, what products do I use? I’ve had people pull on it wondering if it is fake – it’s not, it’s all mine. Or yell across the street, “LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR”. When Brenton and I first started dating, we were once at a Pub and a man sitting at a table across from us leaned over to compliment my hair. I remember Brenton being a little weirded out by this but now he’s grown accustomed to people reacting to my hair. It’s weird but incredibly flattering.

For as long as I can remember, I have hated my hair. It’s very thick, very curly, and BIG. It was hard being a little girl with very voluminous adult-like hair. I remember when I was in school, straight hair was all the rage. I mean STRAIGHT, think Avril Lavigne. I used to cry to my mom because I didn’t have hair like all the rest of the girls, and spent hours using a straightening iron to achieve minimal results. And she always used to tell me that I’d grow to appreciate it, especially when I got older. And she was right. Now my big red hair is my trademark. 

As I mentioned before, my hair texture is thick, curly and has the tendency to be coarse and dry. After neglecting my hair for a few years, lately, I’ve felt that I’ve found the best products that have been helping my hair tremendously. I hope this answers any of your questions!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. However, I am the daughter of a professional. So I do know a thing or two of what my very talented mother taught me. But please consult a professional for those sorts of questions. I just use what I like and what works for me!

Also: I am obsessed with all of these products. I would never share anything I didn’t love or felt the need to share. 


THE BEST COMBO EVER. Worth the price tag in my opinion. Makes my hair feel and smell divine. Because of my natural texture, I don’t wash my hair every day, it’s more like every two or three days.




Once a month, or when my hair is particularly gross (it happens) I’ll use this before my usual Shampoo just to get all the buildup off my scalp (feels so refreshing) and it makes my hair so shiny and healthy. I’m addicted to this stuff. Note: Make sure to follow up with a rich conditioner/or mask because this stuff can really make your hair feel a little dry! 


This brush will change your life. For years I’ve always just used a combo after the shower to detangle my hair. Little did I know I was probably damaging my hair right then beyond repair. Remember when detangling start at your ends and work your way up. Never start at the root! Ouch!


I try not to use heat on my hair when and if ever possible. Or at the very least, I allow my hair to air dry as much as possible before using heat to dry it. I use this heat brush to dry my hair which smooths my thick, unruly locks beautifully without making them look dried out and fluffy. (Plus it’s just easier! Using a brush and a blow dryer at the same time was never something I was able to do.) I wouldn’t dry my hair with anything else now. Also, if I want a little wave I’ll use my curling wand to curl the ends. I NEVER turn the heat over 350 degrees.

Air Drying:

This product is my best friend for air drying. It makes my hair so soft and bouncy when I wear my curls.

I also always put my bangs in a big velcro roller while my hair is air drying so that they dry away from my face. A trick I learned from my mom.



To keep my hair looking healthy and strong and more manageable, I use Olaplex No.3  –  It’s seriously incredible. It has transformed and repaired my hair. I keep it on a lot longer than it suggests (again, I have thick hair) and I put a shower cap over my hair while it’s on to maintain the moisture not allowing it to dry on my hair. It’s incredible. Note: it’s not a conditioner, it’s a bond treatment.

To keep my color looking vibrant I use this in shower gloss every time I shampoo. I use a whole handful of the foam between shampooing and conditioning, leaving it on for three minutes. 

Styling Products:

I LOVE Kristin Ess Leave-in Conditioner (I LOVE the way this smells. I wish I could wear this scent as a perfume) I put this directly on my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. Sometimes while I’m still standing in the shower. Like my hair is soaking wet and I spray this all over, first thing and use my wet brush to evenly distribute it. Then I follow up with Kristin Ess Working Serum  I use one pump on wet hair focusing on my ends then another pump after drying my hair, and before I style with my curling wand. Then the last touch after brushing out my curls is that I touch up my ends with this hair oil.


I don’t use any texture spray or hairspray because these products always make my hair feel dry and crunchy and I’m really not a fan of that. I like to be able to run my fingers through my hair.

And that’s that! Hope that answers any questions <3

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