Hello, I’m Hayley Ann

Originally from the East Coast. Currently living in Seattle, WA. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I spent my summers and holidays with my father in New Hampshire.  I moved to Seattle in 2008 and have been loving living here ever since. Although I will always consider myself a Pennsylvania girl – it will forever have my heart.

I’m an Interior Designer and wannabe Architect. And dog mom to a fluffy, goofball of a dog named Minnie – who has been at my side for all of my adult life. I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady. My personality type is ISFJ if you’re into those sorts of things. My first love was music (Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, age 2), I cannot go a day without listening to music – or even do anything productive without it. I love it all. In a past life, I was a (child) stage actor, also a wannabe photographer. I also love history/art history, Masterpiece on PBS, The New Yorker, fashion & beauty, cooking, traveling, road trips, literature, slow living, and I’m total Morrissey fan girl.

Anyways, welcome to Colour + Clarity
Thanks for stopping by!